Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome & Directions

Hi ladies!

Welcome to the official J9 Cooking Blog! Wooooo! This is our place to share and search for recipes, get ideas and discuss what's for dinner. Please let me know if there is anything missing or anything you'd like changed.

Please keep a couple things in mind when you're posting.

  1. Give us an idea of how many people the recipe serves so we know if we should make more or less
  2. Include a picture or pictures if possible (don't let this keep you from posting!)
  3. If you use someone's recipe please comment on that recipe with what you added/removed and how it turned out. That will give everyone ideas!
  4. HAVE FUN!
  5. Tag your recipe with at least one of the following labels so they are easily searchable going forward.
  • Main Dish, Side Dish, Slow Cooker, Breakfast, Party, Holiday, Vegetarian, WW Friendly, Dessert, Bread, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Pork, Other Meat (any other category I'm forgetting!
If you would like to be an author on this blog please email me at and give me your blogger email address. We can have 100 authors, there aren't as many of us around anymore so that shouldn't be a problem I hope!